The Viberty Winecellar

The winecellar, with the most modern technologies, has allowed the achievement of great qualitative objectives.

Roto fermenter

The use of roto fermenter, the shortening of macerations and the maniacal attention to the cleanliness and elegance of the perfumes has allowed the achievement of a standard that makes the Viberti style unmistakable by others.


The philosophy in the cellar is very clear. A deliberate use of technology, a just compromise between tradition and innovation that sees not only the shorter macerations and fermentation, but also the continuous use of the "tino" for aging.


Today, like yesterday, this particular type of truncated conical barrel is made of non-toasted oak wooden slats. Especially for the Bricco Airoli & for the Baroli this type of aging allows a well-defined development of the varietal aromas and is the guarantor of long-aging wines.