Vigneto Cascina Nuova

this area is located in the Vergne district, between the towns of Barolo, Narzole and Novello. It is a plateau that is between 400 and 430 mt s.l.m. historically suited for the cultivation of the Barbera vine. In this area the Viberti family cultivates the vineyards of: dolcetto, chardonnay and, mainly, Barbera. Result of recent investments, these same vineyards were made with plant density between 6800 and 7500 plants per hectare. The result is wines with great concentrations and aromas. The marked acidity is in balance with the structure of the wines, so as to make them extremely soft and round.

The wines that derive are the famous Barbera d'Alba La Gemella, Dolcetto d'Alba Superiore and Chardonnay in purity.

Wines produced from the grapes of this vineyard