Vigneto La Volta

Cru below the Castle of La Volta, from which it draws, as well as a magnificent landscape, even its own name. It is located between 380 and 400 m s.l.m., characterized by clayey soils with evident tufaceous veins. The wines that come from La Volta are soft, with an intense fragrance and a sweet and round tannin. The winery owns two vineyards, one of which is historic and one is recently acquired. The total area is 2.5 hectares, entirely cultivated with Nebbiolo. The grapes coming from the south side are exclusively used for the Barolo wines: Buon Padre and in particularly good years, for the rarer La Volta reserve. The westernmost vineyard is instead used entirely for the production of Langhe Nebbiolo.

Wines produced from the grapes of this vineyard