Vigneto Monvigliero

The Monvigliero hill is historically recognized as the most prestigious "cru" of Verduno and one of the most representative of the entire Barolo area. Thanks to an ideal land and exposure it is an area particularly suited for the cultivation of Nebbiolo from which Barolo is obtained, which has its distinctive characteristics in its aromatic complexity and its deep taste. Surprising its excellent aromas related to a particular soil rich in silicon and gypsum. The color is distinctive, thanks to a typically less intense shade. The first vinified year was 2017 thanks to the historic friendship and collaboration with the grower of this vineyard of just under 1 ha. The resulting wine will be used in small part for the Barolo Buon Padre, while most will give life to the single vineyards Barolo Monvigliero, which compared to the historic 3 reserves of Viberti, will be released a year earlier, at the same time as Barolo Buon Padre.

Wines produced from the grapes of this vineyard